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Cane are either of two genera of tall, perennial grasses with flexible, woody stalks from the family Poaceae that grow throughout the world in wet soils. They are related to and may include species of bamboo. The genus Arundo is native from the Mediterranean region to the Far East. Arundinaria is found in the New World. In English, the word "cane" derives from biblical Hebrew Qanah for uses corresponding closely to English; in the Bible it is often translated "reed." Cane commonly grow in large riparian stands known as canebrakes, found in toponyms throughout the Southern and Far Western United States; they are much like tules, indigenous to wetland margins of California.

Depending on how flexible they are, different kinds of canes may be fashioned for a variety of purposes, such as tools, walking sticks, crutches, weapons, and in corporal punishment. Judicial canes or school canes, used in some countries for legal corporal punishment, must meet particular specifications, such as a high degree of flexibility.

Similar to bamboo, cane historically has been used for many other purposes as well, such as baskets, furniture, boats, roofs and wherever stiff, withy sticks can be used to advantage.

Replacing Garden Funiture - What to choose?

It’s that time of year when we are all praying for some decent weather so we can all get out in our gardens. If like me you’re doing a bit of gardening and getting out your garden furniture you may be thinking you need a new garden table and chair set. I bought my set a couple of years ago and it was supposed to not rust and look good for year after year, well it doesn’t now and I need a new one so I have done some research to see what options I have.

Well there is metal furniture; old garden furniture was made out of cast iron which without being treated would rust easily. These days Aluminum is used and pretty much little or no maintenance is needed. However my old set was made with Aluminum and the bits where the screws are and the bottom of the legs of the chairs are all rusting and peeling away, but this could be because I didn’t spend an awful lot and maybe if I bought a more expensive set I wouldn’t be in the market for a new one this year. One bonus to having aluminum tables and chairs is that it is light and easy to move compared to cast iron.

Furniture made out of wood does look the part but there is need for maintenance. You will need to treat wood furniture to keep its appearance and prevent the wood cracking. Teak is the best wood to use outdoors as it can withstand most weather types but you will still need to maintain it. One option would be to get a cover for the furniture which if used correctly will make your furniture last long.
What stands heads about the rest is rattan or cane furniture. You can see it in most top hotels and restaurants and it’s easy to see why. The costly process the cane goes through before its weaved into different furniture is what gives it its longevity properties. A lot of work goes into the cane like once its stripped from stems of large rattans its then boiled to remove sap, and then treated to make it flexible.

Once the whole process is complete and the furniture is made, there is little needed to do to maintain it. You can leave it out in any weather and it will last and last. Now the prices aren’t cheap but then if your only buying one set ever 20 odd years then it is probably the cheapest option. Unlike metal or wood, cane is very resistant to water damage; also cleaning is a simple process. Having looked through some online shops there is plenty to choose from with lots of different styles. Forgot the image of cane coloured rocking chairs, this furniture has seriously evolved. The styles you can get really are top notch and would suit a modern lounge as well as a patio or conservatory. You can get pretty much any type of material for the cushions, or go for the modern natural colours.
So in conclusion I think I will get some cane furniture. I realise I will have to spend a bit more than planned but if I don’t need to replace it any time soon it should pay for its self.

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Having A Beautiful Room With Cane Furniture

There is nothing that compliments a home and makes it more beautiful than attractive furniture. It can complete coordination of a room as well as being an attractive centerpiece. Cane furniture is an excellent choice for this purpose.

Rattan and Cane are used to make this lovely furniture. Rattan is very similar to Bamboo and is grown in groves. It can reach over one hundred feet in height and is very strong. Cane is the skin of a very tough vine, which grows in Indonesia. This skin is peeled from the vine and cut into various widths depending on what type of article it is to be used.

The Cane strips are very strong and durable and come in many different textures and colors. When woven into seats and backs of the furniture they present a very sturdy and long lasting seating arrangement. When the furniture is finished, it can either be painted or left in its natural beauty. If painted one usually sees it with a brown or white finish.

The rattan is used for the frame of the furniture. Its extreme strength and hard finish makes it almost impervious to the type of damage endured by other types of furniture. If left in its natural state, and polished, it is outstanding in its beauty and an asset to any household.

This type of furniture, selected for a home, is usually made up of a Cane Rattan sofa and chairs. They are colorfully embellished with attractive back and seat cushions that can be obtained to match any color scheme desired. They are especially attractive in a porch, family room, garden or conservatory.

Inviting one to enjoy resting, they present the perfect place for inviting friends over for a casual evening or relaxing and enjoying a family event. They fit in perfectly with anyone who wishes to carry out their decor on the theme of the tropics or south seas.

Having a room with this beautiful furniture, potted palm or other tropical plants and a woven rug presents a picture of which any homeowner would be proud. Any visitor, entering the room, would immediately be overcome by its perfect arrangement.

From the artists who design the furniture, to the workers who put it together there is a great deal of skill involved. Each piece must fit perfectly to reach perfection in the final product. Their skills are plainly visible when one views this beautiful furniture. Due to the harmony of construction this furniture is available in many different types of cane from relatively inexpensive up to designer sets. Regardless of the type purchased it will lend beauty to any space it occupies.

Care of this furniture is very easy. It merely requires wiping with a moist cloth and applying polish from time to time to keep it looking new. When purchasing the furniture instructions are furnished as to how to take care of it.

Due to its strength there is no danger of the seat becoming weak or falling apart. Each strip is strongly woven in place and the cushions give extra protection. As with any important item, by taking good care of Cane furniture, one can enjoy its beauty and comfort for many years to come.

Sophisti-Cane is a great online store if you want to buy stylish Cane Furniture and Outdoor Furniture.

Add Style in Your Outdoor Decor by Rattan Garden Furniture

In the garden, every person wants a set of all weather furniture, so that s/he can enjoy every colour of nature. In every house, an outdoor sitting arrangement is a must; it can be set either in the garden or on the deck. In summers, you can enjoy night parties or friends' chat on the deck, and can enjoy summer sun.

The deck garden is also an important place in the home to set outdoor sitting furniture. In the garden you can put sitting accessories, like furniture, rugs, umbrella, cushions etc. For furniture, you can choose rattan furniture. Furniture made of this material is durable and is stylish. In rattan furniture the chairs are made of rattan material. Rattan is a type of long vine that can be dried and then made hot in order to make furniture.

Any material can be mixed with this material, like plastic, synthetic, wood etc. In rattan furniture, you will find a wide range in both design and colour. There are many stores which provide you different stylish furniture. The chairs and sofas are made up of fine rattan and are cushioned thick in order to give luxurious and rich comfort and look. This furniture is very fashionable in looks and adds style in your garden décor.

To preserve this furniture from dirt and dust, you can use outdoor covers. You can cover furniture when they are not in use. The furniture come in various styles and types; you can avail outdoor beds, sofas, dining set, sunset sofa, day bed, bow hammock etc. all made of rattan material.

Generally, furniture made of rattan material comes in dark colours and in light brown. You can buy dark green, dark grey, blue, but black gas its own different charm. The rattan furniture adds natural elements to your home décor, as rattan is a natural material.

This furniture is not only stylish but is also luxurious and give smart and modern looks to your outdoor sitting arrangements. So, if you are looking for a set of outdoor furnishing, then go for rattan outdoor furniture for best looks and style.

For any help on rattan garden furniture, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the conservatory furniture uk!

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Wicker and Cane Furniture For Daily Use

Wicker furniture essentially means woven furniture. Pliable vines like rattan and cane are heated and then moulded to make this kind of furniture. Pollution and green-house effect is taking its toll and it is advisable to use eco-friendly products if we are to save the earth from further damage. Although all of us are more or less inclined towards the luxurious and more expensive kind of accessories, we forget that it comes at a cost. For example, furniture of rich teakwood and mahogany may add to our status, but we forget the deforestation that has taken place to bring that one item of furniture in our living rooms. Metal has its own disadvantages when it comes to maintenance and polishing. So what do we do?

Advantages of Wicker and Cane Sets: Wicker, cane, rattan- all of them fall under the same category. The fibre is obtained from a kind of plant that replenishes itself naturally every seven to nine years. These kinds of plants are found in the tropical rain forests of the far- east countries. They are vines which can grow up to 600 feet in height. As a result, least harm is done to our environment. It can also handle rough-handling, making it perfect for everyday use. Apart from cane and rattan, other materials like bamboo and sea grass are also used for making wicker furniture.

It is also convenient for those who are not much concerned about the environment, because it requires very little maintenance. Just a bit of dusting with a damp cloth every other day is all that is required. It is light and portable, which makes it carrying around easier. So if you want to give your home a whole new look, there is hardly any difficulty in relocating. Also, all you need to do is to change the cushion covers, as opposed to re-doing the entire upholstery in traditional wood furniture. Wicker or cane furniture can be easily stained or painted, enabling you to redesign your home in a matter of days. It is cheap and durable, giving you total customer satisfaction. Also, having cane furniture around gives you a very relaxed feeling.

Metal and heavy wood creates a very intimidating and sombre atmosphere, as opposed to the light, breeziness of wicker. For this very reason, wicker and rattan sets are preferred in resorts and guesthouses, to give a soothing feeling to the senses. It makes the excellent kind of furniture for country living and country houses. It is used as garden furniture because nothing happens to them in strong sunlight or rain. Decorate your patio or your balcony with these sets and enjoy the country view.

For any help on cane furniture, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the wicker furniture!

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Cane Furniture and Its Features

Besides furniture made from other popular wood types, cane furniture is also preferred by consumers all around the world. The furniture doesn't only look good in conservatories, but can also enhance the looks of your living room or drawing room. In this article we'll help you to understand the nature of cane as a material for using furniture as well as help you in choosing something suitable.

About Cane

Cane or Bamboo Cane has for long been a popular choice for making furniture. Cane is mostly procured from the South-East Asian regions where it is grown and harvested as a crop. Furniture made from cane is popularly referred to as rattan furniture. Cane has a number of salient features. It is an extremely strong wood and belongs to the category of hardwoods. This makes it an ideal choice for constructing durable and hard-wearing furniture which, if taken care of well, will last you a life time.

If you have any doubts about the strength of cane you need to know that it is still used as scaffoldings for building skyscrapers in East Asian countries.Most cane furniture is handmade and can be made from two different parts of the cane, i.e. rattan core and rattan peels. Rattan Peel is that part of the cane that can be stripped out from the outside and gives a rustic look to the furniture. Rattan core refers to the inner part of the cane. This is generally very strong and extremely smooth. One good thing about cane is that it responds well to colours and polishes. It can be coloured with different colours to give it different effects in order to match with different house décor schemes. Some of the most popular colours are caramel, walnut, antique brown, white as well as natural.

Why Choose Cane Furniture?

Cane furniture is natural, attractive and extremely stylish and is available all over, in a number of different designs as well as styles. There are a total of 6 different cane furniture styles, you can choose from. The furniture is easy to care for, has stayed in fashion and from the time it has come and is extremely durable.

Caring for your Cane Furniture

1. Cane furniture should be kept away from moisture and shouldn't be left open under the sun for long intervals.

2. If you are going to use the furniture in a conservatory, we recommend that you move it around to different places in the conservatory. This needs to be done in order expose it to the sun thereby keeping it dry and free from rot.

3. Cleaning is easy! Ideally, cane furniture should be cleaned by gently wiping the furniture with the help of a slightly damp cloth. Use a dry paintbrush to dust between the grooves. Alternatively, you can make use of a vacuum cleaner as well.

Lastly, make use of a good furniture polish to help keep the furniture looking at its best. Visit an online furniture store to take a look at some great cane furniture pieces and ensembles now!

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Merida dining suite

The Merida dining suite from Kingsway cane is sleek and contemporary in design. The Range is constructed in fine weave rattan and the table top is protected by glass for easy care. it comes in either cognac or almond finish.